Mixing herbs with mainstream medicines

Mixing herbs with mainstream medicinesSo many people take herbs and natural supplements but end up mixing them with mainstream medicines without realising that they may be causing interactions. We have this perception that herbs are safe and gentle and for the most part that’s absolutely true but there are some herbs that can really interact with orthodox medications and cause havoc in your body. It’s vital that if you’re mixing herbs with mainstream medicines, that you disclose those to your naturopath and you tell your doctor about any herbs you’re on as well.

Very often doctors and naturopaths can work together to create a blended treatment plan that includes herbal therapies and mainstream medications. The main purposes of this blended approach is to;

  • reduce the dependence on chemically synthesises mainstream medicines
  • reduce the side effects of mainstream medicines
  • improve the effectiveness of mainstream medicines
  • limit the toxicity of mainstream medicines throughout the body

Mixing herbs with mainstream medicinesHerbs can have a fantastic impact on orthodox, mainstream medications when the plan is blended well but (yep, there’s always a “but”!) sometimes mixing herbs with mainstream medicines isn’t such a good idea. St John’s Wort is one well known example but there’s also potential concern with Garlic, Willow bark, Schizandra, Andrographis and several others. Other herbs can be taken with medications but the dose needs to be taken 2 hours away from other medicines. Slippery Elm is a classic example of that need for medicinal separation.

So what’s my message here? It’s not to scare people off herbs, not at all. But it is to emphasise that mixing herbs with mainstream medicines needs to be done with support from both your doctor and your naturopath. When a blended treatment plan is developed well, it can be a fabulous way to regain health and well being. When it’s not blended appropriately… well let’s not even go there.

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