Meditation and health

Meditation and healthThere’s so much research to show that meditation and health are so closely linked. Our health is, in part, governed by our mind and meditation is a great way to improve the mind and improve the body. We know that clearing the mind through meditation can help recovery, or at least the ability to cope, with so many illnesses and conditions including;

  • depression
  • high blood pressure
  • migraines
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • and even recovery from surgery

Meditation, especially when it’s done regularly, can calm the mind and the body. It slows the heart rate, it calms the central nervous system and it promotes healthy brain and memory function. But it takes determination and regular practice to get the best benefit and our brains often want to wander off on their own merry journey instead of succumbing to a particular meditation practice. Learning how to meditate can be hard work in fact!

Guided Meditations

Meditation and healthOne of the easiest ways to learn how to meditate is to follow a guided meditation to begin with. There are thousands of them out there (I’ll paste a few links to some for you at the end of this post) and you’ll need to find the one that “speaks” best to you. You might be soothed by a female voice taking you on a journey to a special place. You might prefer the sound of the rain on a roof or the sound of singing bowls or perhaps a male voice encouraging you to follow your breathing. Test a few out, listen to several meditations and see which one fits for you and then spend a few weeks repeating the meditation daily.

Once you’re comfortable with that, you can then try self-directed mediation such as following your own breath or focusing on your heart beat. So many of my patients though have said that following someone else’s voice to begin with before they embark on self-directed meditation helps them ease into the process.

So have a look at the links I’m going to give you and have a go at resting your mind to help your body. You may be pleasantly surprised!

I’d also love to read your thoughts on meditation and health. What worked for you? What were the difficulties you found? Please share your story with us by commenting below.

Smiles and abundant health, Ziggy


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