How to make chia pudding

chiaChia seeds are packed with omega 3’s and protein so I thought I’d show you, in a video so it’s super easy, how to make chia pudding. It seriously is delicious, great for kids and vegetarians and it’s so so so easy to make! In the video I make enough for one person but you can multiply the ingredients to make it for the whole family if you prefer. It’s quick to make, cheap and full of nutritional goodies.


  • 3 heaped teaspoons chia seeds (white or black is fine)
  • Milk ( I prefer rice milk but you could use dairy, soy or almond milk)

Optional Extra Ingredients

  • Dried goji berries
  • Fresh or frozen berries,
  • Fresh chopped up fruit
  • Cacao powder or nibs
  • Cinnamon

You can also put chia seeds into a smoothie to give it an extra protein punch. Chia seeds can liven up plain yoghurt too or you could sprinkle them over your breakfast cereal as well.

If you have any recipes for using chia seeds, please share them with us by posting them in a comment below. We’d love to read your ideas.

Smiles and abundant health, Ziggy

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