Honestly, what needs to change?

Hi 7 day challengers,

Honestly, what needs to change?as we head toward May 11th and the start of the Free 7 Day Better Health Challenge, I’m going to ask you today to be honest about your current health situation. Face the weight. Face the pain. Face the situation. Making change comes once you are honest with yourself about what actually needs to change. So honestly, what needs to change?

Honestly, what do the scales say? Honestly, how much pain are you really in? Honestly, how stressed are you? Honestly, how much medication are you taking? Being honest and facing the truth, accepting it as the truth as a wonderful step towards change.

Today, I challenge you to begin the process of self honesty and start to write down the health aspects of your life that need to change. Write them down so they become concrete and real instead of ignored, or swept under the carpet. Alternatively, perhaps instead of making the truth seem smaller as a means of coping, you’ve been blowing it up to be bigger than it really is? This makes a difficult situation even more difficult.

Let’s also make a deal not to play the blame game though. As you take stock of what needs to change in your life, don’t assign a guilt trip to yourself or to anyone else about your situation. Where you are in life right now is determined by the decisions you took yesterday, and the day before, and the month before that, and the year before that and so forth. But….  before you start giving yourself a good talking too about your current weight or pain or any other health factor, remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today is the day when you can start to look forward instead of backwards. Blaming yourself or others for where your health is now is looking backwards at your life. If you look forward and focus on your goals, that means you’re focusing on what you need to do to change rather than who’s to blame for how you got where you are now. There’s nothing healthy in blame. There’s everything healthy in looking forward instead.

So honestly, what needs to change? Today, take a good, long, hard look at yourself. Take your time with this. This process can take days so don’t rush it. No need to set goals yet. Just take the next few days to think about exactly where your health currently is and what about that needs to change. Today you begin to look forward and you do so by taking stock of today… and I’m with you all the way.

Let’s do it!

Smiles and abundant health, Ziggy

P.S. If you’re not already doing the Free 7 Day Better Health Challenge, why not? Please pop over to the Free 7 Day Better Health Challenge page (http://www.nmah.com.au/resources/free-7-day-better-health-challenge/) and be your own health champion. Let’s do it!Honestly, what needs to change?

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Honestly, what needs to change? — 4 Comments

  1. I have been trying to observe my own contributions to the different ailments/stresses my body has been enduring. I think my own awareness has lead me to make many changes, for example regular exercise, healthier/organic where possible diet, meditation, supplentation, but I feel there is still a ways to go…looking forward to the 7 Day Better Health Challenge

  2. This fits in so well with a meditation challenge I started this morning, the core saying for the first week is ‘I commit to living perfect health’ :)

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