Cope with stress with herbs

Stress and anxiety has a way of creeping up on you and while you might know you’re feeling stressed, it’s not until you get physically ill that you realise that stress is now controlling your life. But there are ways to cope with stress with herbs and there’s several herbs that can really help ease the pressure.


Cope with stress with herbsPassionflower is a superb herb for helping you feel calm. It relaxes tense muscles and it calms over-anxious minds. It can help with the quality of your sleep and with getting your brain to stop buzzing so you can sleep to begin with. Having good sleep is always a great bonus to overcoming stress!


cope with stress with herbsLavender is one of the age old herbs for relieving nervous tension, for bringing on sleep and for calming the mind and body. Personally I find the taste of Lavender extract awful and so my favourite way of using it to calm my body, mind and spirit is to use the dried flowers. The beautiful perfume has a wonderful way of bringing peace and tranquillity into my otherwise hectic day. Simply pour a handful into an organza bag and carry it with you. When you need a ‘peace injection’, take your lavender bag out, smell the perfume and let the tranquillity wash over you.

Green Oats

cope with stress with herbsOne other herb that my patients find really useful in calming nervous tension and the aftermath of stress is Green Oats. It’s such a gentle herb that brings wonderful relief from insomnia, anxiety and even sadness and upsets. When combined with other anti-stress herbs, this has a way of rounding out the formula and making it more calming and loving. Always a wonderful feeling from taking a herb mix!

So next time you feel yourself beginning to sag under the weight of stress, give your naturopath a call and ask how they can help you cope with stress with herbs and bring back your vitality and oomph. It’s probably a lot easier than you think!

If you’d like to get on top of your stress or anxiety, I have a fantastic eCourse that may be just what you need. It’s easy to follow and designed to walk you through a strategy, step by step to feeling relaxed ad free again. You can find out more on the Beat Stress and Anxiety page.

Smiles and abundant health, Ziggy

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