Control Lymphoedema with Herbs

Control Lymphoedema with HerbsHerbs have long been used to reduce swelling and puffiness and they do a fabulous job. Those puffy ankles you may get or perhaps you’ve had surgery and your limbs swell. Well you can control lymphoedema with herbs without the nasty side effects that some mainstream medicines leave you with.

The absolute favourite for reducing swelling and puffy legs, arms, hands and feet is Horsechestnut. It is my prime candidate when I see this in my clients and I’ve had several patients use this with great success. As well as reducing oedema, this herb is a fabulous venous tonic and because it reduces swelling, it’s also a useful anti-inflammatory on occasions too.

There’s a down side to liquid Horeschestnut though and so this is a herb that should be taken as a tablet. Horsechestnut extract or tincture (or tea) can upset your tummy and give you painful reflux and this is not a side effect you really want to see when you may already be suffering pain from lymphedema!

One of the other herbs I sometimes consider for these cases is Butchers Broom. It’s a wonderful little herb for reducing lymphoedema and for supporting the blood vessels. It also helps with premenstrual syndrome as well and it can help calm those leg cramps and ease restless leg syndrome. Like Horsechestnut though, when taken as a liquid it can induce gastro oesophageal reflux so this is another herb that you should only take in tablet form.

Finally, Bilberry is also a helpful herb for reducing swelling in the arms, legs, hands and feet. It’s a great herb for improving blood vessel health and it’s a wonderful antioxidant so it helps flush away all those nasty free radicals that can build up when swelling occurs.

Please share with us any stories you may have of herbs and therapies you’ve used to reduce lymphoedema by posting a comment below. While you can control lymphoedema with herbs, there are often other ways to help too and I’d love to hear how it affected you or how you’ve solved the problem.

Smiles and abundant health, Ziggy

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